10 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing a Dentist

Dr. Christopher Li Etobicoke - Li Family Dental

By Dr. Christopher Li, DDS

June 18, 2019

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Finding the best dentist is a very important step in ensuring your family maintains optimum dental health. Asking questions before booking an actual appointment is not only okay but highly recommended. Here are 10 questions you must ask when choosing a dentist.

  1. Do you have experience with children?

Although all dentists must have a four-year bachelor’s degree to practice dentistry, some might have chosen to specialize in certain areas. As specialists, they might be better suited to your needs depending on conditions you might have or treatments you might require. As parents, you should always look for a dental clinic that has experience dealing with children.

  1. Do you take X-rays?

You want a dentist who uses a preventative approach to dentistry. Using X-rays to identify serious issues and confirm a diagnosis is a must. Regular X-rays are also important to find issues that can’t be detected during a basic oral exam.

  1. Do you provide treatment plans?

Treatment plans are very important as they provide each member of your family with specific recommendations based on their individual needs. It also provides you with a budget to determine how much treatment will cost and if it is covered by insurance.

  1. Do you have any references?

Do not be afraid to ask for references. If you prefer to avoid this awkward question, you can opt to do a search for online reviews. Online ratings for a dentist show how well liked and appreciated they are by their patients. Established dental offices will often have reviews on their website as well.

  1. What financing options are available?

This question is especially important if you do not have insurance. However, it can also provide insight into the success of a practice. When an office demands payment up front with no exceptions, it could be a sign they have few patients. A more successful practice will offer financing options with manageable payment plans that allow their patients to get the treatment they need.

  1. How do you keep patients comfortable?

You want to know every member of your family will be comfortable at their dental appointments. You want a dentist and hygienist who use a gentle touch during all treatments, whether it is taking X-rays, performing an exam or providing a filling or cleaning. Family-friendly offices provide comfort in a relaxed environment, where you will all feel welcome and at ease.

  1. Where are you located?

A dental office that is hard to reach by car or transit can prove to be quite inconvenient. If you drive, you also want an office with free parking to make things easier.

  1. Do you have an on-site dental lab?

State-of-the-art dental offices have onsite labs, saving you long waits for dental appliances, tooth replacements, and restorations. Offices using CEREC can provide you with same-day service for crowns, veneers, and other restoratives on the spot.

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Dr. Christopher Li, DDS

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Doctor Christopher Li, DDS
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