Gentle Dental

No matter your age, you may struggle with going to the dentist.  Well we have news for you: we’re a Gentle Dentistry Clinic.  This means that we make an effort to use gentle techniques with our patients, to talk through their anxiety and face it together as a team, and ensure that if there’s any pain or discomfort that we know about it and can take measures to reduce and eliminate it.

If you’ve had negative experiences with the dentist, we’re on a mission to fix this.  If you’re ready to trust the experiences of other patients and how they overcame their dental phobias, we’d love to help you.

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Here’s what our patients say about our Gentle Techniques:

“The staff are friendly and professional. Dr. Li has a painless technique that certainly helps patients like myself with terrible phobias!” Michael C.

“My teeth have never looked better! At this point my entire family are patients at the office. My little girls love going to the dentist which was very unexpected, but amazing. What more could you want - Great staff, free parking, close to major highways and an office that looks like a showroom. You're not going to find a better dental experience anywhere else.” Derand G.

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