​Dental Services

As a leading Toronto area Dental Clinic, Li Family Dental provides a full suite of Etobicoke Dental Services to meet all your needs.   From General Dentistry to a full suite of Cosmetic Dentistry we are your one stop for a beautiful, lifelong smile.

General Dentistry

Our general dentistry services all start with good preventative dental care so you can keep your natural teeth as long as possible.  But we know life doesn’t always go as planned (especially if you have a sweet tooth), so we offer a full suite of general dental services including: dental checkups and cleanings, tooth fillings, tooth sealing, root canals, emergency dental care, children's dentistry and gentle dental.  Learn more about our general dentistry services here.

Etobicoke general dentistry
​General Dentistry
Etobicoke preventative dental care dentist
Preventative Care
Etobicoke tooth filling dentist
Tooth Fillings
Etobicoke Teeth Whitening Dentist
Teeth Whitening
Etobicoke Tooth Sealing Dentist
Tooth Sealing
Etobicoke Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom Teeth
Etobicoke Root Canal Dentist
Root Canals
Etobicoke Emergency Dental Care
Emergency Dental Care
etobicoke childrens dentistry kids dentist
Children's Dentistry
Etobicoke Gentle Dental Dentistry
Gentle Dental

​Cosmetic Dentistry

As a leading Etobicoke Cosmetic Dentist, we offer a full suite of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you get and maintain a great looking smile.  Our Cosmetic Dentistry services include: Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Dental Crowns (same day), Dentures, Veneers, Dental Bonding, and more.

It’s not just the services we offer, but the way we deliver them.  Every patient is important to us and we aim to make every experience a good, pain-free, anxiety-free experience.  Whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth visit, our caring team will make you and your family feel comfortable and welcomed.

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Etobicoke Cosmetic Dentist
Cosmetic Dentistry
Etobicoke dental implants dentist
Dental Implants
Etobicoke dental crowns same day dentist
Dental Crowns
Etobicoke dentures dentist
Etobicoke dental bonding dentist
Dental Bonding
Etobicoke teeth veneers dentist
Teeth Veneers
Etobicoke dental bridges dentist
Dental Bridges