Clinic Reopening Safety Procedures – COVID19 Update – Etobicoke Dentist Reopening

Dr. Christopher Li Etobicoke - Li Family Dental

By Dr. Christopher Li, DDS

June 9, 2020

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Welcome Back to the Clinic!

We have all been waiting to see our patients and we are excited about the possibility of talking to each and every one of you in person!

Safety is our top priority and we want to emphasize what we have done to help keep everyone safe here at Li Family Dental.  You will notice that some physical changes were made to our office as per the Public Health of Ontario, our governing body The Royal College of Dental Surgeons and Ministry of Health.

  • Special Shielding

    The first thing you will notice is a plexiglass shield has been installed at our reception desk as a physical barrier during any administration work.

  • HEPA Air Filters

    HEPA filters have been ordered and will be placed in each room and common area to help clean the air.  You will notice that two larger HEPA filters will be moved around to help clean the air if there were more aerosols produced during the appointment.

  • COVID Pre-Screening

    When you book your appointment, you will be asked a series of COVID pre-screen questions, if you answered no to all of the above the receptionist will be able to book you an appointment. If you answered yes to any of the questions, you will be assessed further with your need for an appointment and risks involved.

  • In-Car Check-In

    You will be asked to arrive 10 mins early to your appointment. Once you arrive at the office for your appointment, you will be asked to call into the office and we will check you in from your car/exterior of the office.

  • Personal Protection & Hand Sanitizer

    If it is safe for you to enter, you will be asked to proceed inside with a face-covering/mask.  Once you are inside, we will request for you to hand sanitize or wash your hands and your temperature will be taken.  This temperature will be documented in your chart.

  • Limiting The Number Of People In The Clinic

    At this time, we are trying to limit the number of people entering the clinic, so ONLY the patient may enter (unless the patient requires help or is a minor).  Anyone who enters the clinic will follow the same protocols as the patient and will be asked to wear their face covering for the entire time present in the office.  All patients will be wearing a face covering for the entire visit to the office except for when they are being treated.

  • Before Leaving The Office

    After the appointment is completed, all patients will be asked to sanitize/wash their hands prior to leaving the office.

  • Pre-Screening Our Staff

    Please know that all of our staff will be undergoing the same pre-screening questions prior to arrival at the office.

We look forward to seeing you soon and proceeding to help you with your oral health care needs!  Please know that this is an unprecedented time and things may change but please be patient with us as we try our best to accommodate you.


Dr. Christopher Li and Team

Dr. Christopher Li, DDS

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Doctor Christopher Li, DDS
Dr. Chris, as he is affectionately known, is a licensed dentist with over 20 years experience. His caring personality makes even the most tentative person at ease. Patients are constantly commenting about how Dr. Chris is incredible at delivering pain-free freezing, and how he has an amazing chair-side manner.  Dr. Chris loves sharing information with his patients and everyone who has teeth about how to care for their teeth, avoid tooth decay, and the treatments available to help them overcome their tooth pain or other dental issues so they can enjoy life and food to its fullest!

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