Supporting Refugees in Etobicoke - Helping Refugees Smile

Helping Refugees Smile – Supporting Refugees

Did you know that for 18 years Li Family Dental has been supporting refugees?  It’s something we don’t often talk about as we prefer to help without applause. However. we also think it’s important to share the good things each of us are doing this season to spur each other on to spread care and love in our world.

We’re so blessed in Canada to have had a long time of peace and security, but not everyone in the world experiences this.  Some people endure so much strife, pain and the threat of violence that they feel the need to uproot their families and flee their Country of origin.  For the refugee families that arrive in Canada, they are totally out of their element, with a new culture, climate, and often a new language to contend with, and for many the aren’t able to bring much with them.

A Church With A Legacy of Helping Refugees in Etobicoke

This is where Etobicoke-based Islington United Church under Canada’s Private Sponsorship Program has been shining, by supporting refugees for over 40 years. “We had a total of 103 people that we have sponsored in 33 groupings [from] 13 different countries represented,” says Laurie-Beth Page, a founding member of the Islington United Church refugee committee as seen in the CBC video below showcasing the great work they’ve accomplished.

18 Years of Support for Li Family Dental

As members of the Etobicoke community, husband and wife team, Dr. Christopher Li and Susan Li count it a privilege to support this incredible initiative in helping refugees find support, love, and a helping hand in their new home.  Sometimes refugees have had to make hard financial decisions at the expense of their oral health, and we’ve been able to provide free dental care to refugees.

At this time of year as we spend time with family and friends around Christmas trees let us not forget to care for those in our midst.

CBC News Article and Video about Islington United Church’s Refugee Support

CBC News Article About Islington United Church’s 40th Anniversary of Supporting Refugees: