Why Li Family Dental Is Your Favourite Dentist In Etobicoke

Dr. Christopher Li Etobicoke - Li Family Dental

By Dr. Christopher Li

June 30, 2024

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Finding a dentist in Etobicoke isn’t easy, not because they are hard to come by, but because there are so many to choose from. This can make it difficult to settle on the right Etobicoke dentist for your family. Here we explain why Li Family Dental is your favourite dentist in Etobicoke, if we do say so ourselves!

We’ve Got Dr. Chris!

Dr. Christopher Li Etobicoke - Li Family Dental

Dr. Christopher Li, or Dr. Chris as his patients call him, is a licensed dentist with over 20 years of experience. A lot of dentists in Etobicoke can say the same thing however, so that’s not the only reason our patients are so happy to call him their dentist. He has built his practice by taking every possible step to create a welcoming dental office that reflects his caring personality so even the most nervous patient feels at ease.

His approach to Etobicoke dental care starts with getting to know his patients and ensuring our entire team is hypersensitive to your needs. Everything we do is focused on comfort, including what many believe is his superpower to deliver pain-free freezing and gentle dentistry, all while maintaining his trademark friendly chairside manner.

We’re All About Care

Our Team About Us Etobicoke - Li Family Dental

As a full-service family-oriented dental clinic, we put our patient’s needs first, ensuring every patient receives a personalized treatment plan to suit their needs. Whether you require lots of appointments for a full mouth reconstruction, or have exceptionally well-maintained teeth requiring nothing more than your twice-a-year cleanings and checkups, we’ll recommend the quickest path to dental health. In hand with preventative care, we help maintain your oral health for life.

Whether you’re unhappy with your smile and want to explore cosmetic dentistry options, are sick of dentures and are interested in dental implants, have a damaged front tooth in need of repair, or just want someone to talk to about your dental health and concerns, we’ve got you. From same-day crowns to professional teeth whitening, and pain-free dentistry to smile makeovers, we offer comprehensive dental services to cover all bases.

We’ve Got Gentle Dental Down Pat


Dr. Chris offers gentle dental anxiety-free dentistry so no matter how nervous you are about dental treatment, you never need to suffer silently in pain. We are committed to your dental health and will take the greatest lengths to ensure a visit to our Etobicoke dental office is never a scary prospect.

We Believe In Convenience

Etobicoke Dentist - Li Family Dental

Our dental office in Etobicoke is located on the Queensway with free parking right in front of our clinic. That makes it easy to visit us. We also have convenient hours, including evening and Saturday appointments to help accommodate the busiest schedules, so your lifestyle need never interfere with getting the dental treatments you require.

We Are Technology Nerds


Today, Etobicoke dental care is made all the easier with technology. Dr. Chris and our entire team just happen to be proud technology nerds obsessed with finding ways to introduce the latest dental innovations, including:

  • 3D printer technology means no more waiting weeks for a crown because we make it the same day
  • Digital imaging to improve how we diagnose issues and share information when referring you to specialists
  • Dental implants as a permanent tooth loss solution
  • 3D images and intra-oral cameras to look at your teeth and share what we see with you in real time

We Help Maintain Your Health


As a dentist in Etobicoke Ontario for 20 years, Dr. Chris knows that maintaining good oral health contributes to your overall health. He’s not shy about sharing that information with his patients as he also believes education is an essential service he provides. From oral cancer screenings to spotting possible conditions like diabetes, he is 100% invested as an important member of your health care team.

We also share information at every appointment to keep you informed about your own oral health so you can make smarter treatment decisions, and can speak to your doctor about possible red flags Dr. Chris might find.

We Have The Reviews (Thanks Guys!)

etobicoke dentist reviews - Li Family Dental

Here’s what some of our patients have said about their experience:

“Li Family Dental has been our dentist for years, and we couldn’t be happier. Knowledgeable, friendly, personable, and helpful. Providing you with all you need for better “mouth health”. And Dr. Li is so good with the kids that they play “Dentist” at home for days after a visit.”   Eliot R.

“Dr. Li is very kind and knowledgeable, the staff are extremely friendly, and the clinic cleanliness is out of this world!”  Rachel K.

“The dental hygienists here are all excellent — great with children and adults too. Dr. Li is an excellent dentist — caring and compassionate while very up-to-date on the latest in dental technology. I’ve had dental emergencies which the team at Li Dental were able to treat immediately. I’m so thankful for everyone who works there and can’t recommend this dentist enough!”  Bridgette R.

“Dr. Li and his staff are so caring, professional and efficient. I moved 2 hours away and still visit this office! Highly recommended.”  D. Relyea

Kids Love Us


Dr. Chris learned early on that his sense of humour and easy-going approach to patient interactions goes a long way to making his youngest patients feel safe. That’s why we can safely say kids love us. It all starts with the welcoming familiar smiles at the front desk, continues with kid-friendly games in the waiting room, and ends with gentle dentistry by a dentist known for his friendly, relatable chairside manner.

And the good thing about this is that it makes parents’ lives easier. You overcome the common struggle of getting your kids to the dentist because most of our little patients look forward to their visits. Of course, our focus on children’s dentistry has a far more important benefit, which is that we help contribute to a lifetime of healthy smiles for kids. By making oral hygiene fun, we teach kids early on how to care for their own teeth and gums. You can’t put a price tag on that, although you kind of can, in that you’ll save money on a lifetime of avoidable dental treatments by helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease!

We can confidently say we’ve become the favourite dentist in Etobicoke for our patients because we are invested in your care. We invite you to reach out to our team and book an initial appointment to learn what all our patients are talking about.

To see why Li Family Dental is your favourite dentist in Etobicoke, give us a call at 416-232-2033 or request an appointment by clicking here.

Dr. Christopher Li

About the author

Doctor Christopher Li, DDS
Dr. Chris, as he is affectionately known, is a licensed dentist with over 20 years experience. His caring personality makes even the most tentative person at ease. Patients are constantly commenting about how Dr. Chris is incredible at delivering pain-free freezing, and how he has an amazing chair-side manner.  Dr. Chris loves sharing information with his patients and everyone who has teeth about how to care for their teeth, avoid tooth decay, and the treatments available to help them overcome their tooth pain or other dental issues so they can enjoy life and food to its fullest!

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